Chimney Flashing: All Year-Round Protection!

There are many different components that make up a chimney, and all play an important role in how well they perform. Anyone part that is missing, damaged, or broken can cause serious harm to your home. Bet you’d want to avoid such, well, a chimney flashing is no different. A proper chimney flashing ensures that you don’t have to worry about water leakage, especially if you live in an area with so much rain.

People oftentimes fail to mention the importance of flashing to your chimney’s functionality. It is no doubt one of the least talked about, but it is an absolute necessity. Not to mention how very long they last after installation. A good chimney can last well over 25 years. See, you don’t even have to make a replacement every now and then. Its durability almost makes it seem as if it isn’t even there, which is why people pay less attention to it.

What is Flashing?

Let’s go over what flashing is, as you may be wondering what exactly a chimney flashing is. Flashing is located at the point where the roof meets the chimney. It serves as a protective measure against moisture or a waterproof seal that keeps out moisture from penetrating your chimney or roof.

Oftentimes, when a chimney is built, it goes up to your roof. Now, there is a point where your roof and the chimney meet. Moisture, or water, is a permeable substance that can, in most cases, find its way into anything. This gap left by the chimney on your roof can easily be accessible by moisture. You definitely don’t want water running down through your roof into your ceiling. By now, you know what moisture can do to your ceiling, especially if it is a POP ceiling.

Chimney flashing helps in many ways to keep out moisture if properly installed. If you had previously paid no mind to it, then you may want to get that chimney installation done.

chimney flashing

Components of Chimney Flashing

The whole chimney is made up of a few sections. The first is the base or step flashing, which is located beneath your roof shingles and bends outwards against the outer walls of your chimney.

A chimney counter flashing is on top of the step. In order to install counter flashing into your chimney mortar joints, bend it down. Its job is to keep the top of the base flashing sealed.

It’s critical to check that your chimney has all of the necessary flashing parts to prevent water damage to your building. If you’re not sure about your flashing or don’t feel very comfortable examining it, Atmosphere Air Care will evaluate your chimney to ensure it’s in good working order.

We offer the best services in St. Louis, MO, and are in the right position to ensure a proper inspection, installation, and repair of your chimney flashing. Get in touch with our highly qualified technicians today for the best services in the industry.

Chimney Flashing Repair: You Number One Solutionist!

Getting that chimney flashing fixed is critical to your chimney’s longevity. You may be wondering, “If it lasts for many years, why do I need a chimney repair?” Well, nothing lasts forever, right? Like everything else, a chimney flash has no power against wear and tear. At some point, you will definitely need a repair.

Atmosphere Air Care is a company that sees to your chimney needs in St. Louis, MO, and is just a phone call away. You should contact a professional service provider like our company as soon as you notice a chimney leak. Your chimney flashing, which is usually a good fit for your chimney, doesn’t matter. We can absolutely find a solution for it. Sometimes, though, what is needed most, what is most often substituted as the perfect solution, is a chimney counter flashing. Our technicians know what’s best for your chimney cleaning, and we’ve always got you covered.

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There is no doubt that you can get something done on your chimney. You can make use of DIY videos and articles, but nothing beats the help of a professional. If it is the pricing you are worried about, there is no need to be worried as our services are very affordable. If you explore our website, you will find our pricing list for every kind of service you may need. We bring the absolute best at the most competitive rates. Do not hesitate to give us a trial. The best time to get that chimney fixed, installed, or inspected is now.

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