Chimney Cleaning: The Proper Way To Get It Done!

There are many DIY resources you will find online regarding chimney cleaning. It is easy now, of course, but it can be a tough one for someone who is finding it difficult to get it done. Sometimes, it is best left to professionals, such as Atmosphere Air Care. We are a chimney cleaning company trusted by many in St. Louis, MO, for expert chimney cleaning services. If you don’t want to have to DIY, then you should give us St. Louis, MO, a call for that cleaning. You will be glad you did.

Chimney sweeping is a good idea at the end of every season, especially if you use your chimney very often. It is best to get rid of that accumulated creosote before it becomes a danger to your home. If your chimney has not been in use for a long time, our technicians will make sure that there aren’t any critters, such as birds or raccoons, who might have made your chimney their abode. As a company of expert chimney sweepers, you are sure to get the best services.

Chimney Cleaning And Repair: Reliable Services

A chimney that is often in use may require some kind of repair at the end of the season. Regular use comes with its own disadvantages, as with every item used very often. You may need to get rid of something in your chimney. Some things can be repaired. Others need to be replaced. For your chimney cleaning and repair services, get in touch with Atmosphere Air Care in St. Louis, MO.

Do you need your chimney squeaky clean and ready for the next season? Would you love a repair to your chimney flue or perhaps your chimney cap? We are the ones to call. While there may be no means to tell if you need to repair or replace your chimney flue, our technicians can understand the situation after conducting a chimney cleaning inspection. Through an inspection, they will be able to tell if it is a repair you need or a total replacement of the chimney’s components. We have been at this for many years, so you can definitely trust our judgment. We want your chimney to be as safe as possible. Moreover, we wouldn’t want you to start a fire and then, “boom,” your chimney goes out. This can happen because of the combustible properties of creosote. This is why extra care is needed for your chimney.

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A Chimney Cleaning Company Like No Other

While there are quite a number of companies that provide similar services to ours, you should only go for the best. Some companies are just out to rip you off by taking your money without getting a proper job done. This is not the case with us as we are always eager and committed to good works. We do the best job for the most affordable rates. No wonder we are popular amongst homeowners and commercial places.

Chimneys don’t just serve as a passage for the soot and smoke coming from burning wood; they also store creosote, a by-product of soot, and need to be regularly cleaned out. Not cleaning them out regularly can cause this creosote to build up, causing a restriction on the flow of soot-polluted smoke. Should there be a downdraft, a lot of this soot can be sent back into your living space, especially if you don’t have a proper chimney cap installed. All of these can be avoided with proper chimney cleaning and inspection.

Commercial Chimney Cleaning Services: We Get The Job Done!

Given the prevalence of chimneys in commercial settings such as restaurants, hotels, and even certain industries, there is an even greater need for a chimney cleaning service. This is because these chimneys are in heavy use and will cause a faster buildup of creosote, which needs to be cleaned out regularly. Our company can certainly take care of this, as we have expert technicians who are capable of delivering top-notch services.

With our kind of expertise, you don’t need to call up any other company. We can even set up a scheduled chimney cleaning for your commercial establishments so that we can get rid of any buildup of sorts regularly. We are your trusted service provider, and we take pride in our ability to always deliver.

Why Choose Our Company?

Over 20 years of experience 


Committed to providing 100% satisfaction


The staff is highly skilled and reliable


Available  throughout the entire process


professional support throughout


Affordability that won't empty your pockets

What Are You Waiting For?

Winter is upon us, and wouldn’t it be nice to have that chimney cleaned out for the season? You don’t want any trouble once you start that fire. Be sure of this with our top-tier, affordable chimney cleaning services. Get a quote with us today!

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