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Quality Air Duct Cleaning – Your Preferred Choice!

Air ducts run the full circumference of your building, distributing warm or cooled air. If you want to ensure the air inside your home is healthy and clean, it is a good idea to consider hiring air duct cleaning service providers. Some homes have an extensive network of air ducts that require extensive cleaning, especially if it hasn’t been in a long time. In order to clean ducts—such as the one that goes from the furnace through to the basement, crawl spaces, and through walls to every room in the house—debris and dust must be vacuumed out, and any present mold removed.

Of course, this is not a job for any random duct cleaning outfit. And if you want quality air duct cleaning, then you would consider the very best in St. Louis, MO. We reckon you know which company that is, and if you don’t know, then it is a good thing that you are on this page. Atmosphere Air Care is a company that provides professional air duct cleaning services. We have the experience and expertise to make sure your home is filled with healthy air again. Contact us at anytime for a pure air duct cleaning service.

Things to Consider Before Opting for Air Duct Cleaning

While quality air duct cleaning might be next for your home, you should do well to be careful who you hire or invite into your home. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns that although duct cleaning can sometimes lower dangerous pollutants in the air you breathe, it may not have a significant impact in houses without obvious duct system issues. Cleaning ducts might, in certain cases, make the issue worse depending on who you hire to do it.

Watch out for dishonest air duct cleaning deals

There are qualified and reputable air duct cleaning service providers, but unfortunately, the job attracts dishonest people. They will send you deceitful emails or appear at your doorstep offering to clean your air ducts for a low fee. And if you are not aware of their schemes, you’d easily fall for them. At the end of the day, they almost didn’t do anything and would demand more money, claiming there was a mold. They will also claim to be members of the professional HVAC association. You should not take their word for it and immediately call the association to confirm their membership.

So, whenever you feel like hiring a professional HVAC cleaning company, contact a reliable company like Atmosphere Air Care. We provide quality air duct cleaning services in St. Louis, MO. We are registered and a member of the professional HVAC association.

Cleaning Your Ductwork May Not Necessarily Prevent Health Issues

Dust comes  from different sources—it can come from dust mites, tracked-in debris, pet dander, etc. There is no doubt that dust may be present in your home’s air ductwork. But those elements are usually the main cause of dust in your home. The dust particles that are present in ductwork usually stick to the interior of the ducts. Even if the furnace or AC is working.

So, unless you have a family member that is allergic to dust, cleaning your ducts doesn’t necessarily prevent health issues. However, this doesn’t mean your air ductwork shouldn’t be cleaned once in a while. Moulds can grow within your ductwork, and they can be a real concern if not cleaned out.

Bad Air Duct Cleaning Can Cause More Problems Than Solution For You

Unqualified personnel or con artists without the appropriate vacuuming tools might discharge dust that has previously been stuck to the interior of the ducts and into your house. The ducts in your house can only be safely cleaned by trained HVAC maintenance and cleaning specialists. They can also safely exhaust the air outdoors. Additionally, inexperienced technicians may damage specific duct types, such as flexible or insulated ducts, requiring costly duct repairs.

This is why you should employ the services of a professional company like us. With our qualifications and experience on the job, you are sure to get quality air duct cleaning services.

Don’t Try Cleaning Air Ducts By Yourself

This type of job is not for untrained personnel. The same way a con artist can damage your air ductwork is the same way you can, even though you are well-intentioned. There is no need to try DIY methods when you can simply reach out to an expert to help you out. We understand that you are the handy type and may like getting things done by yourself. Nevertheless, it may not turn out well for you if you decide to try it. Call an expert today for quality air duct cleaning.

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