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Atmosphere Air Care, a company concerned about your chimney, is your go-to for the perfect chimney sweep services. Now, you wouldn’t immediately notice you need a chimney cleaning, but if you start to notice a putrid smell escaping from your chimney, then that is exactly what you need. This smell is caused by creosote, a byproduct of the soot coming from burning firewood. Sounds simple? Well, it isn’t that simple.

Naturally, every fireplace creates creosote, and this is because they are often used. The soot from constant use slowly builds up and can cause a major problem for you. For instance, it can gradually decrease the flow of air due to the buildup of soot. This will also impact the ease of performance of your chimney, which can lead to a fire hazard and an abundance of carbon monoxide. We are sure you know that too much carbon monoxide can cause harm to one’s health. So, when you notice something unusual about your chimney, you should call for a chimney cleaning. Atmosphere Air Care has got you covered in St. Louis, MO.

English Chimney Cleaning - Expert Services

If you haven’t had your chimney inspected for soot buildup in a long time, now may be the right time to have it inspected. It is dangerous to live with a chimney that has too much creosote stuck within its confines. Call for a chimney cleaning and watch professionals do it.

Our company can make sure that any creosote buildup is cleared. We have been at this for many years, and we are absolutely up to the task. With our English chimney cleaning service, it would be the perfect paid-for service for you. Atmosphere Air Care, we’ve got the right technicians for the job, technicians who know what it takes to get the job done.

There are other things that may have taken up residence in the space in your chimney, such as unwelcomed critters. These critters can also cause further blockage in addition to the creosote buildup. Our technicians will make sure these critters are immediately evicted. Get that crusty, highly combustible creosote and soot cleaned out with our top hat chimney cap and sweep services. Our clean sweep chimney service will ensure we leave your home better than we found it.

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Chimney Sweep Dryer Vent-Just What You Need!

Most homes that don’t get regular dryer vent maintenance in their chimney have one fire incident or the other. In fact, according to a statistic, 15 000 house fires are caused by irregular dryer vent maintenance every year. See why you should see to it that a professional chimney sweep such as Atmosphere Air Care is employed to clean your dryer vent.

The sweep will detach the connected pipe, clean the dryer and connector, and then run a separate dryer vent brush through the vent from both the interior and exterior of the house while vacuuming. The combustible lint that accumulates inside the dryer, in the bendable connecting pipe, and in the dryer vent is collected by dryer vents. When there is too much lint in these regions, the dryer may work poorly, and a fire may ensue.

Expert hands are needed to make sure every little nook and cranny is completely cleaned out. Cleaning dryer vents is recommended once a year, but for bigger households, it may be necessary every six months or more frequently. Hotels and laundries should clean their commercial dryer vents at least once a month.

Affordable Chimney Cleaning Services

The most important thing is to get your chimney cleaned to avoid hazardous situations. It doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be cleaned on a daily basis, weekly, or even monthly (except for large establishments). Cleaning your chimney once or twice a year is, however, very advisable. We understand money is needed for these things. This is why we have made our services very affordable. Anyone who has a chimney can actually afford our services. It, however, depends on the type of chimney involved. Industrial chimneys will definitely cost more, while household chimneys, which are invariably smaller and require less effort, will cost less. Whatever type of sweep you need, rest assured that you will have no trouble paying for such services.

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