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In St. Louis, MO, there are hardly any homes without a chimney, but is it the case that they’ve got the perfect ones installed? As simple as they look from the outside, a lot of processes are involved in making sure their functions are not depleted. This includes a proper chimney flue installation, a standard chimney flue repair, regular chimney flue inspection, and, in the case of irreparable damage, a chimney flue replacement. Atmosphere Air Care is one company in St. Louis, MO, to look up to for such services. Known for its proficiency and superiority when it comes to such services, we are more than capable of getting that chimney installation done.

What Is The Difference Between A Flue And A Chimney?

A flue, typically made of terra cotta clay and lined with stainless steel, is a tunnel within a chimney that lets gas from heating equipment or a fireplace securely escape the house. A flue made of terra cotta clay must have no fissures or missing mortar between the joints; so as to properly expel the hazardous gas out of the home. Also, the stainless steel lining must not have any holes or visible gaps so as to allow the pipe seams to safely release the toxic gas out of the home. A number of flues can be found inside a chimney, allowing various pieces of equipment to securely vent out of the house.

A chimney, on the other hand, is a structure usually made of blocks, bricks, or stones. This structure houses the flue and helps to prevent the transfer of heat from the flue to combustible substances that are nearby. You must avoid filling the space between the flue and the chimney with anything. Professionals can work their way around making sure that the chimney cap and the chimney flue co-exist without any issues. This is why it should be left to professionals. Atmosphere Air Care can make sure that everything needed for your chimney installation is properly put in place for smooth functioning.

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Chimney Flue Inspection Services: Top Specialists

If you’ve got a chimney, then you know it needs regular maintenance checks every once in a while. You may think, “isn’t it just a chimney?” It is actually more than just a chimney, as different components come together to make sure there is a free flow of soot-polluted smoke out of the house. A chimney inspection should be carried out every once in a while. It is our job to take care of any chimney services needed. So, make sure that an inspection of your chimney is done before you commence usage; especially when it hasn’t been used in a long time.

A crack in the flue can cause carbon monoxide to leak out into your home if the chimney also has cracks in it. Creosote can also leak through. Over time, this combustible substance can cause a fire in your home; another reason why you should have a chimney inspection done. We are always available to attend to this, and we do the best job at Atmosphere Air Care in St. Louis, MO.

Chimney Flue Repair Services: Standard Repair Services!

As a company with many years of experience when it comes to chimney flue services; you can count on us to get a proper chimney flue repair done. Sometimes, you may need a chimney replacement, especially if the damage is beyond repair. You don’t want to keep a damaged flue in your chimney, especially if you often use it. It is dangerous to have a damaged flue in your chimney without repair. Request for professional help, and we will get that repair done in a matter of minutes.

We have got top-class technicians who have had a long time in the occupation and are satisfactorily trained to carry out such services. You can call on us anytime. You don’t have to wait until there is a noticeable unusualness with your chimney before you call us. Regular inspection helps your chimney and flue stay in good condition throughout the year.

Why Choose Our Company?

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Affordable Services: Contact Us Now!

Our services are very affordable, and we are always available to take your requests. There is hardly any service provider like ourselves that can handle a chimney the proper way. On top of that, our services are inexpensive; you get the best service done for a small fee that doesn’t put a strain on your pocket.

We want you to enjoy a nice time at your fireplace, especially on a cold night. It won’t be nice to have your chimney be the cause of a fire in your home.

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