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Apartment Air Duct Cleaning: Call Us To Breath Fresh!

If you live in an apartment, you probably don’t get to choose when the air ducts are cleaned. You may not even know what an air duct is. But those nasty little things can make your home a lot less safe and healthy for you. Air ducts are small channels that carry hot air from your furnace to every room of your apartment. They’re usually tucked away behind walls, so unless you have access to them, you probably won’t see them. However, they can become a perfect home for all sorts of nasty critters like rats, cockroaches and even snakes!All these pests love dark and dusty places where they can remain hidden and un-noticed until it’s too late. The danger of keeping unclean air ducts is that any cleaning chemicals or debris will remain in the ducts after they are cleaned at best or simply remain left in the ducts at worst. This means that if there is a nest of bugs such as rats or cockroaches lurking in your apartment, they may very well be living in your air ducts! Call apartment air duct cleaning services at Atmosphere Air Care.

What Can Happen If Your Air Ducts Are Dirty?

If your air ducts are dirty, there are several health problems that could affect you or your loved ones. You should definitely contact an dirty ducts cleaning company Atmosphere Air Care if you or anyone in your family has been experiencing any of the following symptoms.

Breathing Problems: Bacteria, viruses, and other microbes are constantly circulating in the air inside your home. If the ducts are dirty, those microbes will get sucked into the ducts, circulated through the rest of the house and re-released. That could cause breathing problems for anyone who breathes in the contaminated air.

Increased Allergies: Bacteria, viruses and other microbes circulating in the air and entering your blood are one of the biggest causes of allergies. If you suffer from allergies, you should definitely get your air ducts cleaned. Otherwise, you will continue to suffer from allergies for years to come.

Harmful Chemicals: If your ducts are dirty, you may be breathing in harmful chemicals that are used in everyday products. For example, if you live near an industrial area, you may be breathing in toxic fumes. These can cause cancer and other serious health issues. A dirty air duct can circulate the fumes throughout your house.

Other Problems Caused by a Dirty Air Duct

Reduced Energy Efficiency: If your ducts are dirty, they may not be distributing hot air as effectively. This means that your furnace will have to work harder. This will end up costing you a ton of money in electricity bills.

Reduced Property Value: If your ducts are dirty, many potential homebuyers will notice. Not only will it be a health hazard for you and your family, it will also significantly reduce the value of your home.

Poor indoor air quality: If your ducts are dirty, they will not be able to properly circulate fresh air. This means that the air inside your house will be stale and full of harmful toxins.

How to Find Out If Your Air Ducts Are Dirty?

If you’re not sure whether your air ducts are clean, there are several ways you can find out.

Inspect The Air Ducts: If your apartment has ductwork that you can easily access, you can simply take a look. If you can’t see any dust inside the ducts, then they’re probably clean. However, dust is often difficult to spot inside air ducts. Fortunately, there’s another way you can check.

Check The Filter: The filter is a piece of cloth that traps any dust and debris in the air ducts. If it’s dirty, it means that your air ducts are dirty too. Most filters are easy to remove and clean. Simply throw it in the washing machine and it will be as good as new.

Getting Your Apartment’s Air Ducts Cleaned: Apartment Air Duct Cleaning

If you decide that your air ducts need cleaning, you should definitely call a professional apartment air duct cleaning company. Hire an experienced, trustworthy and reliable house air duct cleaning company like Atmosphere Air Care to clean your ducts. Make sure that they use HEPA filtration and washable duct covers. Otherwise, it will be like they didn’t do anything at all. You can find apartment air duct cleaning services by visiting our website or calling us.

We can also connect you with several cleaning services in your area that you will trust. And the best part is that We will come to your home and clean your air ducts for you. This means that you don’t have to worry about cleaning them yourself. You can simply relax and enjoy the fact that your air ducts are finally clean! We also offer air duct cleaning St. Peters, MO services in St. Peters, MO.

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